Colorado million-dollar lottery winner wouldn’t believe it over the phone…

Would you hang up on someone saying that you’d just won a million-dollar lottery jackpot? Well, Mandeep S., a 2023 winner of Colorado’s Millions Series, was tempted to do just that.

He thought the phone call was a prank. And that’s not such a crazy assumption, until you realize that he entered the second chance lottery drawing back in 2021.

Plus, many Colorado residents hang up on anyone they don’t know.

It’s not uncommon for some people to be on the receiving end of  phone scams that range from terrifying “IRS” arrest threats to empty promises of “big money.” Something more dramatic was needed to convince Mandeep that he was indeed a Colorado lottery winner.

The in-person approach

It was a snow-bright January morning in mountainous Aurora when Mandeep drove his family home from the Gurudwara temple.

Life was normal.

Any thoughts of windfall wealth were doubtless taking a distant backseat to the importance of driving safely on the ice-packed street. However, as he pulled up, he noticed a woman standing in front of his garage, holding a gigantic piece of cardboard.

Mandeep, his wife, mother, and little daughter piled out of the car while the woman came closer, displaying her oversized check.

“I don’t know if you remember, but in March of 2021, you entered into our second chance drawing,” said the woman.

Yes, almost two years had passed since Mandeep tried for the bonus draw. The look of startled confusion on his face confirmed that he had forgotten the entire thing.

“And you have won a million dollars!” The family was clearly overwhelmed. Mandeep, lost for words, fumbled for his wife, and quickly introduced his daughter. Yet his first words were simply…

“God is great”

Mandeep and his family instantly turned to their faith. They ascribed what others might have termed “good luck” to the timely intervention of a higher power.

Mandeep joyfully shared that — as a man who believes in generosity — he’s been cheated plenty of times. Even by trusted business partners.

“[This win] pretty much covers all my losses,” he explained.

And in keeping with that faith-based approach, Mandeep knew instantly what the money would be used for.

First priority, taking care of his family.

Things like helping his father purchase a new vehicle. He and his wife shared their hope to invest in a new stocks and futures trading business. Next came the community, helping lift up his neighbors. In fact, Mandeep and his wife hope that the money will help them start a foundation to improve the lives of others in their area.

Lottery players are becoming millionaires in Colorado

Despite the long odds of winning a lottery, Mandeep isn’t alone in his good fortune. As of the publishing of this article, seven people in 2023 have already won at least $1 million in the Colorado lottery. In fact, since its beginning in 1983, the Colorado Lottery has paid out $9.9 billion dollars in winnings!

What is a Colorado Lottery second chance or bonus drawing?

The Colorado Lottery second chance or bonus drawing is an opportunity for holders of non-winning tickets to enter a drawing to win prizes.

For people who take the time to enter the bonus draw rounds, there are second chances to win on a wide variety of lotteries and scratch tickets. Second-chance prizes are generally cash. In some cases, the prize might be a vacation, a car, or tickets to an event.

Just remember, entering a second-chance drawing is not automatic. You’ll have to manually enter your non-winning ticket into the drawing. As Mandeep’s story proves, a bonus drawing in a Colorado lottery could lead to a million-dollar payday.

Can you remain anonymous in Colorado if you win the lottery?

In Colorado, you cannot remain completely anonymous if you win the lottery. Letting everyone know you’ve got newfound wealth in your pocket might not seem like a great idea. Unfortunately, Colorado’s Open Records Act (CORA) does limit your ability to remain an anonymous winner.

Your first name and initial of your last name will be made public. However, you have control over sharing any more information, and you have the right to refuse to have your photo published. Hence, Mandeep S. is a recognized lottery winner. His hometown and the reveal video have been made public with his consent.

Can you use a trust to claim a lottery prize in Colorado?

According to the Colorado Lottery, you cannot use a trust to claim a lottery prize. Only individuals may claim prizes. The Colorado Lottery will not recognize any partnerships or corporations either.

Attract windfall wealth with the right mindset

Are you inspired by Mandeep’s story? Thinking of trying your luck playing the lottery? Remember, if you’re not in it, you can’t win it.

The odds might not be great, but whatever the odds, make sure you read the rules before you take that chance:

  • Just how good (or bad) are your odds in a specific lottery?
  • How many chances do you have?
  • What are second, third, and even fourth-tier prizes?
  • What do you have to do to make the most of your ticket?
  • How will the winners be announced?
  • How public will your story become?

And, while you can only do so much to attract any kind of windfall wealth, you can greatly increase your chances of keeping it by grounding yourself beforehand.

Take some time to work on your money mindset even if you’re dead broke. Make sure you know what your values and priorities are.

Most importantly, live according to those values before you “get lucky.”

Whatever your religion, Mandeep’s humble and generous response to his shocking win is inspirational.

Unlike the typical idea of lottery winners rushing off to blow their winnings, his windfall wealth was grounded in faith, family, and community service. In fact, it might even have been his faith that prompted him to enter the second chance drawing in the first place.

And, maybe next time he hears an unknown voice on the other end of the phone, he’ll give it a second chance to explain itself before he hangs up!

What will you do with your good fortune?

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